With a combination of video management software and commercial security systems, Bibii ltd aims at delivering proactive protection to your assets and clients alike.Video management software captures and saves footages from various active security cameras monitoring designated areas to offer up-to-date security to employees, customers, clients, and bypassers alike.

Bibii limited has top video management software sourced from companies such as Avigilon, Milestone, Exacqvision, and Genetec providing businesses with real-time video footage collected through motion-activated security cameras. Recorded footage can be reviewed by security members whenever they wish to detect suspecting details that may have occurred at any time in past moments.New security devices flood the market every annually, Bibii lets VMS software packages work perfectly well with legacy devices installed by an earlier manufacturer or provider.

Which VMS should you adopt?


Take advantage of the precision-based facial recognition software to identify individuals present during unpredictable happenings.Equally, detect abnormal occurrences through AI present in the Avigilon control centre that flags suspicious events.Provide real-time analytics to security personnel to swiftly reduce response times during incidents.


Link up the multiple numbers of cameras and monitoring devices to a centralized security system with no hardware limits.​Also, encrypt recorded footage and metadata to prevent hacking and data breaches.​Supplement the standard Milestone VMS system with add-ons providing various industry-specific features.​Discover important information via visual maps, toolbars, and lookup options offered exclusively by Milestone software.​


Did you know Exacqvision can monitor targeted locations while recording professional-quality audio and video footage?Integrate Exacqvision VMS with burglar alarm systems to derive ultimate security and tracking.Import over 20 different access control products that seamlessly and effectively liaise with Exacqvision to give excellent service.Access recorded footage from anywhere.


With Genetic, you can save recorded footages from the Genetec CCTV system in secured cloud-based storage.Inbuilt failover and redundancy system that never fails to display videos.Generate support for thousands of different security cameras with the ever-evolving Genetec VMS.Never get worried over network overload by involving intelligent streaming and bandwidth management.

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