Best security for cannabis shops: Expert advice and surveillance systems.


Cannabis dispensaries require sophistication in its security to operate at an optimal level in warding off intruders, prevent internal theft and burglary and fulfil cannabis security compliance. We offer world-class dispensary security systems and consulting to dispensaries in all legal states. Our experts leverage over a decade of experience to plan, customize, and install cannabis-compliant dispensary security systems.


If you require a standby contractor or a cannabis security system installation consultant, we are set to provide you with, white-glove service at every step. Our team of experts offer dispensary security plans, compliance, consulting, and installation services that will certainly get your business licensed and protect operations from seed to sale.

Dispensary Security Plan

It is true that many states now have legal dispensaries. However, marijuana remains a Schedule 1 substance on the federal level, and due to stringent government regulations surrounding cannabis, it is critically challenging to create a dispensary security plan that will suit state regulators and local governments. We design comprehensive security plans to ensure your business gets licensed as at when due.

Dispensary Security System Installation

As a respected voice in cannabis security, we understand the requirements of the industry. Especially when it comes to the aspect of legal compliance, the technology, including the low voltage electrical contracting needed. We aim to install sophisticated marijuana live video monitoring, marijuana access control, and burglar alarm systems, as well as providing low-voltage cabling for all cannabis security needs.

Dispensary Security Compliance

Dispensary security compliance entails a strict security experience where every single gram of marijuana is accounted for. Security measures must be heightened to protect workers in the supply chain, this include; grower, transporter, retailer and buyer. Our history in service can be traced to over 100 Cannabis facilities across the nation. Our experts are well-versed in cannabis compliance on local, state, and federal levels.

Dispensary Security Consulting

As a leader company in dispensary security, we critically examine each facility for security loopholes and equally highlight how operators can correct them with dispensary security cameras, access control, and intrusion detection systems. We try to detect security threats and offer solutions through policy, training, inventory control.

Bibii ltd Security is the trusted Consultant for Cannabis Dispensaries.

Are you in need of a reliable and trusted name in the provision of security system services?Bibii ltd have you covered. We’ve worked with venture-backed vertically integrated businesses to local dispensaries and everything in between.

Surveillance Systems for Marijuana Dispensaries

Cannabis security surveillance is one of the strategic and mandatory features of marijuana dispensary security system. Capturing faces, license plates, and all events that occur within your dispensary is essential to prevent theft and product diversion. We provide a wide range of marijuana security camera solutions to fit every cannabis security application. Our apt cannabis video monitoring services allow operators to focus on making their business outstanding, while we are concerned about keeping your dispensary safe and secure.

Reduce Inventory Shrinkage with POS Integration

POS (point-of-sale) systems help marijuana retail outlets secure from bad actors looking to steal inventory and customer information. POS integration in a dispensary security plan reduces inventory shrinkage and protects funds and private information. By integrating dispensary surveillance cameras with a POS system, operators can monitor employees who may attempt to steal inventory. A successful security strategy must supplement security guards with the best technology available. We provide POS systems that are specialized to tackle the unique challenges faced by marijuana dispensaries

Where is your Cannabis Dispensary Located?

We provide cannabis security, consulting services across the country in every legal state, with local teams all over the country. As a large and localized cannabis security company, we understand the importance of regional industry experts that have been helping cannabis businesses stay secure and compliant in their state from day one. Click on the state below to see the profile of your local security expert.

Make Marijuana Dispensary Security Easy

We understand how to design and implement a security system that works with your dispensary floor plan. When it comes to combining robust security, user experience, and an aesthetic that matches the style of your building, no one does it better than Bibii ltd. Our cannabis security plan consultants are familiar with the unique challenges and regulatory compliance issues that cannabis dispensaries face. We create tailored, scalable systems that make marijuana dispensary security easy.

Remotely Manage Your Security System

When it comes to smart tech, we do not fall behind as a role model; we implement marijuana video cameras that pair with cloud-based mobile apps to provide second to none convenience to cannabis business operators.

A Security Partner You Can Count On

No matter the size or location of your dispensary, Bibii limited is your trusted security partner. Our security experts have 10+ years of experience and have worked with 100+ dispensaries across the nation.

Meet Compliance Standards in Your Area

When it comes to compliance, our consultants navigate cannabis laws across jurisdictions to design cannabis security plans that go well with the authorities.

On-going Consultation For New Projects

Do you intend to build from scratch? Let our consultants worry about the stress. We protect your cannabis business from the ground up.

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