There is a lengthy list of commandments for video surveillance in California. Security cameras are mandated wherever there is cannabis in your premises. It is also compulsory that you install cameras where on-site camera system storage devices are located. Cameras are also needed at all entrances and exits. Security cameras are also demanded at the point of sales area and wherever cannabis is put up for sale.The state also detailed the type of camera to be used, how and where the camera should be mounted, when to record, and also how long to store the footage.Our expert installers can help you install a security system that meets and even exceeds all these requirements. This will keep your business licensed and protected.


The law mandates that you secure your facility with burglar alarms at the entrance, exits, and perimeter. It also requires you to install doors and windows contacts, motion detectors, and glass0break detectors.When you’ve installed all these, it is also required of you by the law to plan on how to keep your security systems working efficiently and reliably over time.You can go about this by hiring a reputable firm like ours. We will install an alarm system that meets all these requirements. Our company is ACO-licensed, and all our operators are certified.We know the law and help to make sure that you meet all the requirements for the alarm system and also partner with you to ensure it performs well every time.


This is very important in a cannabis security plan. The California code of regulations demands walls are splitting limited access areas from common exterior areas.
It also demands access control policies, commercial-grade locking doors, and the use of technologies to prevent access. Our access control systems can help you control who can access these areas.This will protect the safety and compliance of your cannabis products. The Cannabis access control will help you meet the requirements of the law. Also covers confidential business operations and intellectual properties.It will protect your business assets from bad employees. Intruders can’t get in, and you can maintain an audit trail of who enters and leaves your business premise.We install access control systems that meet the requirements of the law. You will be able to keep unauthorized people out while authorized people can come in.

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