ITECH2 offers comprehensive CANNABIS VIDEO SURVEILLANCE solutions in California, in compliance with the state’s regulations. Our professional installers can help you implement a security system that meets and exceeds these requirements, ensuring your business remains licensed and secure. Security cameras must be installed at all entrances, exits, points of sale, and areas where cannabis is stored or sold, with specific camera type, placement, recording schedules, and footage storage duration specified by the state.

ITECH2 offers comprehensive CANNABIS VIDEO SURVEILLANCE solutions in California,


ITECH2 The law mandates that you secure your cannabis facility with burglar alarms at the entrance, exits, and perimeter. It also requires you to install doors and windows contacts, motion detectors, and glass-break detectors. Once you’ve installed all these, it is also required by law to plan on how to keep your cannabis security systems working efficiently and reliably over time. You can achieve this by hiring a reputable firm like ours. We will install an alarm system that meets all these requirements for your cannabis facility. Our company is ACO-licensed, and all our operators are certified. We understand the specific regulations for cannabis security and can ensure that your system complies with all requirements, partnering with you to ensure it performs well every time.


itech2 CANNABIS ACCESS CONTROL is crucial for a comprehensive cannabis security plan. The California code of regulations mandates the use of walls to separate limited access areas from common exterior areas. Additionally, it requires the implementation of access control policies, commercial-grade locking doors, and advanced technologies to restrict access. Our CANNABIS ACCESS CONTROL systems empower you to regulate entry to these areas, ensuring the safety and compliance of your cannabis products. By meeting legal requirements, safeguarding confidential operations, and protecting intellectual property, our solutions also mitigate the risk posed by untrustworthy employees. With our access control systems, you can prevent unauthorized access, track entry and exit, and uphold the security standards mandated by the law.

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