We use high-resolution monitoring to keep an eye on the neighborhood 24/7. This prevents criminals from attacking, and it records all happenings on your property. Contact us to protect your property and residents today. The security of your property is vital as a property owner or manager, and you should always ensure that your residents feel safe at home. This is possible using our integrated neighborhood security systems. We combine HOA security cameras, intercom systems, access control, and alarms to ensure your neighborhood is well protected. Aside from the peace of mind this brings, it increases tenants’ satisfaction, minimizes any liability that falls on you in cases of third party crimes, and many more benefits.Our expert team is well trained to design a complete system of neighborhood security camera systems, door entry systems, and alarms that comply with privacy laws in your state and at the same time offer you and your property maximum security.Our range of topnotch equipment can be combined to fit your unique needs.


Many things can jeopardize the safety of your HOA pool areas like fights, vandalism, and thefts. Installing an HOA pool security system will help protect residents of communities with pools, especially those without lifeguards. Access control can make pool areas accessible to authorized people only while keeping children and pets outside. Wired or wireless security cameras help keep watch on the entrance or entrances to the pool and raise the alarm to aid quick responses from security guards in case of emergencies like drowning.We install the best neighborhood security systems.


You can make use of a cloud-based neighborhood security app to remotely watch and control access to your HOA neighborhood. Our experts combine cutting-edge security camera systems with cloud technology.This helps users to control access to their neighborhood irrespective of where you are using an app or a web browser. We are ahead of the curve as mobile security sweeps the nation.Our company helps businesses and residents add modern conveniences to their security operations while reducing the costs of hardware maintenance.We are well-experienced in offering and setting up cloud-based security systems and apps. When you contact us, we come and assess your property and provide the right neighborhood security tips for the safety and convenience of everyone in the community.


This is very important for a complete HOA security system. These cameras capture every crime in its field of view. They prevent crimes and scare criminals away when they see a high-quality camera monitoring the area.

The benefits of having a neighborhood surveillance camera are:
  1. Multiple locations in your neighborhood can be surveyed from one place as you can monitor footage from all cameras on one database.
  2. The neighborhood surveillance systems help you view stored camera footage. This comes in helpful in the case of crimes, it will be easy to identify criminals and pursue justice.
  3. This security system comes with instant security alerts that notify local authorities once a crime is detected.
  4. It comes with a real-time video that helps you and security guards respond quickly to intruders and stop them in their tracks.
  5. They capture high-quality footage of the critical public areas in your neighborhood.


This security system keeps your neighborhood safe and protected against intruders. Without this, intruders can get into your property, and crimes can even be committed on your property, and you might be held liable.We integrate this with comprehensive security systems like neighborhood entrance security cameras, intercom systems, and gate access control.By incorporating a gate intercom and surveillance cameras with a cloud-based app, residents and property managers can see who is at the gate and control access remotely using their smartphone or a web browser no matter your location.Residents get a call on their smartphone or interior tenant station each time a gate intercom is buzzed. Our experts have over a decade of experience in installing groundbreaking security systems in all kinds of settings, be it residential or business settings of all sizes.


Our license plate reader (LPR) cameras help property owners and managers identify every vehicle that comes into their property.These cameras have high-resolution sensors that can scan the license plate of every car that leaves or enter your property accurately.We often integrate them with alarms and gate access control to refuse entry to unauthorized vehicles. The alarm system sounds if they try to enter.Contact us to boosts your neighborhood security with our integrated LPR systems and cutting-edge security license plate readers.

The benefits of installing a neighborhood license plate camera are:

  • Control the vehicles that have access to your properties
  • You can white-list and watch-list certain vehicles
  • Ability to track events to certain vehicles
  • You can search the video footage
  • Reorganize visitor management
  • Increase and optimize the security of your neighborhood


We install gated community access control to give tenants and property owners peace of mind by locking out intruders and unwanted people out of your neighborhood.These security systems work around the clock. We include a wide range of smart and prox card readers, gate intercoms, gate openers and closers, and advanced biometric scanners for all the security needs of your community’s gate.This gated community access control systems promote a hassle-free flow of people and vehicles in and out of your neighborhood. Visitors can show credentials to a reader or speak through an intercom to a security operator before they can gain access to the community.This security service of ours is highly convenient, quiet, and resistant against rust and contamination.

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