Low Voltage contractor

Structured cabling for your company

iTECH2 structured cabling is an expert service that provides firms and enterprises with structured cabling installation, data cable installation, fibre optic installation, voice and data installation, and network installation. We are your one-stop low voltage contractors.

Our structured cabling solution

We offer low voltage wiring solutions for already existing low-voltage wiring systems, and new construction. With our ready to work expert team of engineers and electricians, we get to building, designing, and installing your data cable system right after you reach out and complete placing your order.

Voice and data cabling

We install network cabling services that are specific to the needs of your firm. The design of our data installation system supports the use of multiple hardware systems and will meet both your current and future requirements.

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Fiber optic installation

Fiber optic cable installation uses higher bandwidth capacity and less susceptibility to electromagnetic interference to offer you a high performing data networking. We are professional installers of fiber optics and will be pleased to render our services to you.

Low voltage electrician

Our team of expert electricians has a speciality in commercial low-voltage wiring. We are always available to help you with structured cabling installation for retail facilities, office buildings, already existing low voltage wiring systems, and new construction.


Every business in search of an optimum network function will need a robust cabling infrastructure. Obtain the services of highly-rated network cabling a specialist to design, build, and install Data cabling for your already existing system or new and Ethernet cabling services.

Our low voltage wiring services

When you hire for our low voltage wiring services, you will receive

  1. A prioritized network integrity
  2. Answers to questions and other valuable information about low voltage cable installation, your options and available solutions
  3. A trusted and long term connection with an expert data cabling contractor, who is specially dedicated to seeing you and your project succeed


Entrust your low voltage wiring for new construction to the best low voltage wiring contractors. We are expert at low voltage wiring and will provide structured cabling services for both your already existing systems and new projects. With our experience in the design and installation of voice, data, video and other commercial low-voltage wiring systems, you can only get the best.

Office network cabling

Our services are never less than the best when installing voice and data cabling systems for offices. With a structured data cabling services come on, you can connect your phone, copiers, computer, risk armor wireless, and others to your phone and data network.

Datacenter cabling solution

Businesses become more agile when there is an adequately planned data center. Here, our experts at data center structured cabling will identify your development strategies; hence, requirements for getting a structured wiring installation that will function optimally and with the highest performance.


What you need is a licensed network cable installer. You cannot achieve a reliable infrastructure without using the right cables. The right cables for your infrastructure depend on the size of the network, the speed and topology you require, and others. We are reputable network cabling contractors, and will only work with the best practices and network cabling.

  1. Cat5 (Cat5e) cable installation, is an excellent choice for fast transmission with 10 to 100 Mbps speed for Cat 5, and about 1000Mbps for Cat5e.
  2. Cat 6 cable network installation which supports faster data transmission of about 10Gbps. It is compatible with the Cat5 and Cat5e cables.
  3. Fiber optic cable installation done by a licensed fiber optic contractor will offer the speed and dependence for the most tedious internet task.