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National TV Installation and Mounting

itech2 offers a range of services for both tube-style and projection televisions, including flat panel, LCD, and plasma. We provide typical solutions, such as wall mounts and ceiling mounts, as well as custom solutions. itech2 can install or service televisions at a single job site or serve as your one point of contact to coordinate multiple jobs at many locations. Our national installation coverage assures that we service your area.

National TV Installation and Mounting


Site Survey – A phone conversation with an itech2 Project Manager to discuss the project. If needed, we can arrange a preliminary site visit. Please inform us if the site differs from a standard drywall or drop-ceiling commercial environment.

Initial Setup – A professional installation team arrives at the scheduled time and carries out any preliminary work, including unpacking televisions and mounting hardware.

Mounting – Installation of a mount to hold the television. Typically, these are wall-mount or ceiling-mount frames that are either fixed, swivel-mount, or feature a flexible arm. INC also provides custom solutions.

Install TV – The television is then secured to the mounting hardware.
Cable Run – Audio/Video cables are then run from the television to the signal source. Our technicians will conceal these cables in the ceiling or wall, or neatly arrange them depending on the environment.

Signal Source – Connecting the cables to the signal source.

Verify Operation – Technicians ensure proper visibility and operation of your unit.
Clean-Up & Waste Disposal – We take care of the mess.
Quality Assurance – After the installation, you will be asked to sign a completion form that helps us ensure a quality installation and your complete satisfaction.
Warranty – One-year warranty on workmanship.

We can provide supplies such as cables, mounts, and brackets at a reasonable cost. Advance notice is appreciated. We carry a wide selection of cables, including HDMI, coaxial, composite (RCA), s-video, VGA, DVI, and plenum-rated cables for fire safety.

We have installed televisions in many commercial and educational environments, such as churches, classrooms, schools, lecture halls, conference centers, night clubs, bars and restaurants, casinos, hotels, retail stores and showrooms, banks, and financial institutions.

Professional installers in our national network are:

  • Fully insured
  • Pre-screened
  • Licensed, where applicable

Our appointments are scheduled for a specific time to better serve you. We never waste your time by providing a service window (e.g. “between 10-2.”) For more information please call us at 866) 904-8787 or request a quote online and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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