Cloud-based security cameras have radically transformed the way security systems operate in the current dispensation by minimizing running cost, including the need for personnel, and constant hardware maintenance.
Traditional DVR systems require the upfront work of a firm when deploying a security system. These include the fact that Cameras must be configured, storage servers must be deployed, and an operating software must be manually installed throughout a system.


However, with a cloud-based security camera system, there is limited or no need for upfront work, as the only requirement needed is a bridge to connect the system to the cloud. Once the bridge is connected, all devices are automatically configured, and the system transfers all data directly to the cloud – without the need to store footage in on-site hardware.


Firms in nearly every industry require Business security camera systems to provide them, a necessary means of protection and transparency. Due to the complexities involved in Customizing systems, business security camera systems exempt you from work associated with starting from the beginning.

Several different cameras, such as night vision, PTZ, license plate readers, and more can be included in a package, to ensure that any desired area can be monitored. As a firm continues to grow, so too can its security system by simply adding more devices. Business systems operating on cloud-based networks can make available, remote video playback from cameras stationed in hallways, parking lots, staircases, entrances, and another strategic point. Strengthen the performance of your organization with a business security camera system that reduces crime, determines unsafe points, and streamlines operations.


Effectively economize on the cost associated with the running of a traditional DVR/NVR security system by switching to a cloud-based video surveillance storage.Cloud storage surveillance cameras are packed with loads of advantages, they directly upload footage into a cloud server, while access to it can be gained remotely from any location.

Footage that is uploaded to the cloud is then monitored by the provider’s IT staff, effectively reducing the cost of maintaining several security professionals for a firm. Furthermore, all capabilities of a device can be controlled remotely, without any need for human interaction.In all, cloud storage dramatically reduces security costs by offering you greater purchase flexibility. The software, camera devices, and management system continue to receive automated updates as the provider evolves, allowing firms to stay on the cutting-edge of technology and protect the employees and customers that drive their success


An Eagle Eye CMVR or Eagle Eye bridge can be used to transmit data directly from a security system into cloud-based storage. It supports all modern browsers and can be accessed on Windows, Mac, Linux and requires no plugin to install.

Eagle Eye CMVR devices store videos captured from security cameras onto cloud-managed video recorders that initially hold the content locally. Content can then be accessed remotely at any point in time, which effectively transfers the stream of the CMVR and onto the cloud.An Eagle Eye bridge is the device that acts as the connection between a security camera system and a cloud storage device. Once this bridge is installed, all security cameras and systems get synchronized and send all future content directly to a cloud storage server.


Cloud-based video analytics spot essential factors of success for businesses through observable activities which takes place within their place of work.Video management systems integrated with AI sensor work around the clock to identify the trends, processes, and activities that play crucial roles in the success of operations and activities.

Machine learning software bundled with algorithms learns to detect a variety of objects such as cars, people, shipping containers, bicycles and more after brief amounts of data acquisition or exposure.Within a short period, the innovative software presents data and insights from processes, incidents, and encounters to help identify where a firm needs radically improvement and changes.

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