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Cannabis Security Company

Running a Cannabis compliant grow facility, dispensary, manufacturing, requires a well-planned security architecture, customization and installation of cannabis compliant security system because.

The regulatory landscape in the cannabis industry embraces rapid changes from time to time. As a cannabis grower, cannabis manufacturer, cannabis dispensary, or a cannabis distributor, here’s why you may need a security consult you can trust. Each state has different laws governing the processing or usage of marijuana, and this law can even differ from state to state. For this reason, operating a marijuana business entails having a proactive team watching your back while continually helping you to navigate the complexity of the regulations in the industry. Our over 10years of experience in the Californian market has prepared us ahead of time for the national scene. With our strategically located customers in over 13states, we are fully aware of the national landscape and are looking forward to helping you overcome all security challenges.


Cannabis Security Plan

Government regulations can be very rigid, therefore, making dispensary security plans ahead is advisable. Because, issuing a license, state regulators and local governments want to see a high level of security planning for cannabis businesses. In a competitive Request For Proposal RFP process to obtain a conditional use permit and business license, a comprehensive security plan might be the difference between getting a coveted license or not.
Get your cannabis security plan approved for the first time with our carefully designed security plan. We give every business of every size a comprehensive cannabis security system in every legal state. Let’s get you a seed to sale compliant blueprint to aid your cannabis business.

Cannabis Security Plans That Get Approved The First Time

Hoping to get a big cashout from the Cannabis industry is exciting; however, navigating the waters of this emerging industry can come with its setbacks. One of the significant setbacks has been conflicting state and federal laws. This could pose as a bottleneck for business owners trying to build a cannabis security plan that gets approved the first time.  Another disadvantage has it that businesses which fail to comply can be subject to penalties including license revocation, business closure, and sometimes even criminal charges.
However, the good news is that, with over 10 years experience in designing security systems in California and serving clients in over 13 other states, our installers have tested the waters and are familiar with security laws at the local and national level. We build reliable and trustworthy systems that are in line with legal requirements. You don’t need to worry about rules and regulations. All you need to do is, committing to growing your business. It doesn’t matter what aspect of the Cannabis business you’re into, we’ve got you covered with our expertise to safeguard your business operations.

Local Experts

Our trusted system installers are well-grounded in local laws following several years of experience. We’ve worked with over 100 cannabis business across the country, and are intimately familiar with national security laws and cannabis compliance in California.

Approval Guarantee

We assure you of a fast approval process. All it takes is for our experts to outline what you need to get your operation licensed while setting up a system framework that meets regulations across all jurisdictions, ensuring all-round compliance in each step of the process.

Custom Solution

We at Bibii ltd are much concerned with working with you to create a custom solution tailored to suit your facility. You can trust our system to thoroughly safeguard your cannabis facilities of distinct sizes while putting in place, a combination of marijuana video monitoring, access controls and burglar alarm systems for an optimum security solution.

What Does A Properly Designed Cannabis Security Plan aim to Address?

A well-designed cannabis security plan should be able to address these critical concerns -robbery, internal theft, product diversion, fraud, off-site operations, life safety, and nuisance abatement. Putting all these into consideration, we developed fully integrated operational strategies that are rooted in crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), operational security, technology, training, compliance, auditing and testing, and supporting policies and procedures.

  1. Environmental Design
  2. Operational Security
  3. Technology
  4. Employee Training
  5. Compliance
  6. Auditing and Testing

Bibii ltd is a global rated Security Consultant for your Cannabis Businesses.

Bibii ltd knows what it takes, and how to protect your Cannabis business. No one does it better or fully understands the landscape for commercial cannabis security systems as we do at Bibii ltd.  Here, we’ve made well-tailored security systems that meet regulations and prevent crime. Our precedents and experience in the industry make us the go-to cannabis security company for your business.

We understand your local municipality's regulations

With our local teams scattered all over the country, we’ve paved the way for you to work with full awareness of local regulations while ensuring cannabis business compliance across the U.S
We offer cannabis security plans, consulting, and security system installation in every legal state. An essential resource for business owners in the cannabis industry- the knowledge of local industry experts, who have been helping cannabis businesses stay secure and compliant in their state from inception.

Get your Cannabis Security Plan Approved the First Time

Getting a Cannabis security plan approved can prove to be difficult only if you are not following the correct guide.  Security plans often reach 50+ pages, and must necessarily address all policies, procedures, and regulations, carefully matched to your facility’s proposed floor plans. That’s why you should trust our cannabis security plan consultants with years of experience getting cannabis security plans approved in all legal states across the nation. We partner with local regulatory compliance officers to pen comprehensive systems that take every regulation into account, to get your cannabis facility security plan approved the first time, without stress or delay. Find out how our security experts can help you get licensed and ensure your security stays compliant and functions appropriately through its period of existence.

Customize a Cannabis Security Plan for Your Business

We are never ignorant of the fact that every operator and license type in the cannabis business meets unique and distinctive needs, and we strive to provide comprehensive security systems that go beyond contemporaries. Bibii ltd combines cannabis video security, cannabis access control, and burglar alarms to target the unique vulnerabilities of your cannabis facility. We protect every person in the supply chain and keep your products, facilities, cash, and customer information actively protected.

Dispensary Security Plan

Cannabis dispensaries are loopholes, where petty crimes could be committed easily. Hence, you must have a thorough security plan in place to checkmate products, funds, employees, and customers. Dispensary floor plans should combine top-notch security with smooth customer experience and visuals that match the aesthetic of the individual business. Installers know that big, bulky dispensary security cameras won’t be best fitted for a beautiful, modern showroom. That’s why our experienced staff in risk assessment and regulatory compliance stands us out amongst dispensary security companies.

Distributor Security Plan

It is true that distributors store and move cannabis more than anyone else in the supply chain; this makes them susceptible to attacks. For this reason, we’ve set up a fully integrated security solution that incorporates inventory control tracking, POS integration, and a commitment to synergy with logistics and operations is crucial. All distributor security plans must meet a complex set of requirements, as well as enhancing distribution transparency. Bibii ltd relies on RFID integration to add visual context to the distribution and delivery processes. Every time product is moved anywhere, and a video clip is tethered to that activity. We also offer hardened NVR’s for transportation security systems to follow the product from seed to sale.

Manufacturer Security Plan

Cannabis manufacturers must draft out plans to meet challenges about industrial installation, as well as navigating the complexity of factories and logistics centres. Manufacturer security system planning and building are compounded with complex regulations. At Bibii ltd, we work tirelessly with general contractors, builders, and real estate developers to execute a security plan that establishes total protection for every step of the cannabis manufacturing process. Our systems safeguard manufacturing facilities, employees, and products to ensure continued cannabis security compliance and business success

Grow Facility Security Plan

Whatever the need for your security system may be, be it for grow room or outdoor grow, you should depend on security partner that understands grow facility security plan practices and regulations. Bibii ltd has work experience in assessing develop facilities to determine the perfect mix of security, as well as taking into account details such as the effects of individual IR lights, and how to plant heights should affect camera locations. Cannabis video surveillance on farms has a different set of challenges, with limited access to power and internet, so understanding the requirements of an agricultural environment is essential.