If you are an owner or manager of an apartment, you will be faced with different security challenges. With the ever-increasing rate of crime and anonymity, you need a high-quality security system to protect residents or your family at all times.Our company provides and installs integrated security solutions for luxury homes, condos, and apartment buildings.


The threat of crime is always present, and a way to protect your tenants is to install a building security system. According to the FBI crime report in 2018, almost 70,000 burglaries happened in residences in the US. If you are an owner or manager of an apartment complex, you have the responsibility of making sure everyone in the apartment is safe. There are many reasons why you should install a building security system. Financial liability can fall on you in the case of a third-party crime on your property. There is an increasing rate of tenants suing property owners for injuries from third-party crimes, and this range from $100,000 to $1 million. You can avoid this as an apartment owner by making the building safe through the installation of the multi-family security system. This will help reduce the probability of crimes happening on your property, and it will also eliminate any liability that will fall on you if a crime should occur on your property. You won’t be held responsible for anything if you can show that you have a solid and well-designed commercial security system in place. Contact us today for broad residential building security systems.


One of the most vulnerable areas for crime to occur is apartment complex parking space/garages. There are few people around with lots of hiding places for criminals, and the perfect place to break into vehicles or steal vehicles. Criminals love garages. This is why you have to put a garage security camera in place. Don’t ignore this in your security plan. The benefits of installing this are:

  • Monitor the entrances to maintenance areas and elevators
  • We can combine these cameras with access control and garage closers to prevent crime and loitering.
  • Monitor the garage 24/7 and prevent the theft of vehicles and expensive   equipment like lawnmowers
  • We can install an alert system to inform the tenants of an intrusion or break-in.
  • The camera security system captures vandalism, violent crime, hijacking, and other kinds of violence that may occur.


This security system keeps out intruders and streamlines tenants’ access to the building. It establishes a secure access control in restricted areas to tenants, employees, or locations with a high probability of crimes.Examples of such places are roof decks, lobbies, pools, elevators, fitness rooms, and even individual apartment units. Our experts combine topnotch technologies with cloud-based storage to help you control the security of your apartment with a single database. With our help, you can control the security of multiple buildings. We provide a wide range of integration abilities. Our team also installs a range of keyless apartment door entry systems and software that help you control access to the building.With this, you can easily manage your tenant and employee permissions and view the complete audit trails of everyone who entered the building and when they entered the building.

Apartment security system benefits

We make use of topnotch building site security systems, entry systems, and surveillance cameras. Some of the benefits of having a well-designed apartment building security system in place are:

  • Prevention of vandalism, burglary, and intrusion
  • Provide peace of mind to both owners and tenants
  • Prevents crimes with visible security cameras and equipment
  • It increases the rent value and makes your property more attractive
  • It improves operating efficiencies
  • You can catch thieves in the act.


This helps you monitor people that enter and exit your building. It will show you any criminal activity that occurs by recording everything that happens within its field of view. This can help security agents detect and respond to crimes quickly. It also provides recorded proof of criminal activities. Contact us for a complete apartment security camera system; we will design it to meet the unique security challenges of your apartment complex. We have a wide range of cameras to select for your apartment. This includes the IP and analogue CCTV for apartment security, and we combine them to create the perfect solution for your unique needs.


Bullet cameras

  1. This type is mounted to your ceiling or wall
  2. It can monitor long distances
  3. You can focus on specific parts of a property

Dome cameras

  1.   This can survey a wide area
  2.   It is discreet and durable
  3.   It is commonly mounted on ceilings

PTZ cameras

  1.  This type can provide a 3600 view
  2.  It can track objects
  3.  You can re-aim it remotely using an app, a computer programme, or a joystick.

Turret cameras

  1. This is nice for low light and infrared
  2. The ball and socket joint helps you redirect the field of view quickly.


Our expert team can install both wired and wireless security cameras for your apartment based on the needs of your facility. Hardwired camera systems need cabling for both power and internet connection. We will have to drill holes and run wires and conduits through your walls.In some cases, we might have to tear out a piece of wall. Hardwired security cameras have higher security than wireless ones because they are vulnerable to hackers. They are a better choice for extensive areas and buildings with spotty wi-fi.


Wireless security cameras for the apartment can transmit video footage through wi-fi. The only cabling needed is to connect it to a source of power. It is also easier to install as we have to mount the camera to the wall, ceiling. We can also plug it into a power source and connect it to wi-fi using a smartphone app. It is more flexible and scalable than hardwired systems, and it has a broader range of features like data analytics and app pairing.We can provide wired and wireless, indoor and outdoor security cameras for all kinds of apartment buildings and complexes.


Our expert team design and install a complete apartment monitoring system to suit the unique security needs of your building. These include video surveillance cameras, DVRs and NVRs, and also local and cloud storage options.All these technologies make it easy to view and respond to security footage using a web browser or an app irrespective of where you are. We offer convenient smartphone apps for security management to help you monitor your apartment wherever you go.


Object recognition and smart analytics:

You need to invest in cameras with advanced technology to identify objects and people on your property accurately.This will reduce false alarms and offer useful intelligence to your apartment complex operations.


You can decide if you want your camera visible or not. Making your cameras visible will prevent crimes as most criminals don’t like being caught on cameras.A lot of intruders check for security equipment before breaking in. They will move on if they see a high-quality security camera monitoring them. Then you should install your cameras high enough even if you choose to make them visible. This makes them out of reach and prevents tampering and damages.

Camera Protection:

You have to protect your cameras if you are putting them in places in entrances, pools, courtyards, and parking lots. They can easily be damaged by bad weather. We equip outdoor cameras with protective casing to protect them against harm.

Camera Placement:

There are privacy laws, and this depends on the state in question. But a general rule is that cameras can only be installed in public places.Then the “public areas” depends on your state, but it can include parking garages, lots, building entrances, laundry rooms, mailrooms, administrative areas, hallways, and courtyards.Security cameras view should not include tenant doors and windows because it is a violation of privacy. Our company is familiar with state and federal laws for apartment security cameras.We can position cameras to ensure you meet the legal compliance of your state and smooth operation across large areas.

Benefits of an Apartment Door Entry System

Permit visitors before they enter

  • Unlock doors remotely for visitors and residents
  • See a 24/7 audit trail of all entries of your building
  • Issue temporary passes
  • You can create entrance schedules
  • Replace credentials


You can increase the security and value of your property by installing a high-quality apartment building intercom system. This enables the resident to communicate with visitors, let the right people into the building, and manage deliveries.With this intercom system, users inside the building can speak remotely with and even see the video of visitors buzzing in at the door before deciding if to give them access or not. This provides peace of mind as tenants are sure of whom they are getting into the building. We combine this technology with door release. This allows tenants remotely unlock the door or gate for visitors just by swiping on a phone app or pressing a button. Interior stations can be included inside tenants’ apartments or at the front desk to complement a doorkeeper or a concierge. No interior stations are necessary with a completely app-based intercom.

Our company offers convenient features for property owners, managers, and tenants. Some of them are:

  • Property management dashboard
  • Elevator control to prevent tenants from coming downstairs to take the elevator with visitors
  • 24/7 audit trails
  • Door release logs


We provide the latest groundbreaking building intercom systems. Traditional hardwired ones use low voltage wires running between all stations. They can be time-consuming and costly, especially in larger systems. Wireless intercoms, on the other hand, were invented to fill these loopholes, but they are vulnerable to interceptions, and they have weaker signals. They are also prone to battery failure and tampering.Our experts can solve this. We provide modern IP intercom systems that send data through already existing IP infrastructures via an Ethernet cable. This cuts down on cabling and only requires a network cable and door strike cables. It provides a convenient and secure solution.


If you are not starting on a clean slate, you can think of any system in the building you wish to add to it. Examples, gates, doors hardware, alarms, cameras, elevators, critical card systems, and concierge stations can be and should be integrated with intercom and door release systems.If you have a lot of equipment, intercom systems will give you a flexible range of integration. </p?


With these, you can easily allow visitors in irrespective of where you are by swiping your smartphone app. They are cloud-based intercom systems used to let guests in while you are not at home remotely. These are the future of apartment building security. With these, you don’t need physical keys, these have been replaced with virtual keys and delivery PINs. You send your visitors a personal QR code on their phone, which they use to gain access into your apartment by holding it up to the entry panel.


In this security system, the intercom is paired with surveillance cameras to allow you or tenants to see live video footage of visitors at the doors or hear their voice. This can be viewed on an interior intercom station or even on a smartphone. This gives a high level of security and peace of mind to a lot of people because you know who you are letting in.We offer this security system to help landlords and tenants see who is at the door anywhere they are and at any time of the day. You don’t need tenant stations and critical fobs with this, and it also has a low cost of installation.Our experts combine high security and maximum convenience for both residents and operators. You don’t also need critical fobs and cards because you can access your building with a smartphone.

This is helpful for people who forget their keys. Benefits of installing this in your building are:

  • Know and see when parcels or mail are delivered
  • Open doors for tenants who forgot their keys
  • See time-stamped footage of visitors with door entry logs
  • Quickly validate identities in noisy environments


In this security system, we combine an intercom with an apartment door access control system to enable tenants to open their doors remotely for visitors.You can press a button on your interior station or swipe on your phone app to open the door after you’ve verified the identity of the guests. Without this feature, security guards, receptionists, concierges, and tenants will have to go to the door and open it. This is not convenient, and it can even put them in danger.If the apartment has elevators, we provide intercom systems with elevator control. This helps visitors have access to the elevators when the doors are unlocked.You don’t have to come down to the lobby to let them in. This added layer of security keeps you safe in your room, and it is highly convenient.


With a proper gate access control system, criminals can’t enter your property. Your apartment will not be an easy target. We pair apartment intercoms with a gate access control system which only allows authorized people in.The automatic gate closer feature keeps your gate closed when it is not in use. An unlocked gate is an open invitation to intruders. Our gate access control system uses automatic gate openers and closers to secure you.You can receive electronic signals, allow residents and building managers to remotely unlock the gate for pedestrians and vehicles without leaving their rooms.We incorporate a gate intercom with a cloud-based app that building managers and tenants can see those at the gate, control entry, and close the gate irrespective of where they are.You will be pleased with this technology of ours, and the gate openers are designed to resist rust and contamination. Contact us for your residential gate access control systems.

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You might be interested in learning more about security systems for apartment complexes. Speaking of “security systems,” you might be interested in security guards and closed-circuit television (CCTV). Security guards can provide an additional layer of protection, while CCTV systems help monitor and record activities within the premises. Understanding these concepts can help you make informed decisions regarding the security of your apartment complex.