Access control software


We offer and integrate access control software with VMS and CCTV systems to keep track of whoever comes in and out and ensure they are in terms with their verified credentials. Our top-notch access control software offers employees a level of security that second to none, and is highly transparent to a level of protection that second to none and is highly transparent that permit entry and exit from a facility. An access control software keeps tabs on business premises for who enters or exits the facility by using keycard, phone-verification, and microchip entry implementation. For access by verified individuals, they have to flash, swipe, or press the devices onto the sensor. This will not allow them entryand save up your information and entry time in a centralized system.


Having quality control over the access for the facility is an excellent way to spice up the security of a business. However, it is only a step in the grand programming of things. To successfully integrate access control solution, we partner with VMS, high-resolution CCTV cameras, and other cloud-based systems to provide you with the peak of security and allow you to run your business without worries.With video surveillance integration, your access control will provide the firm with a very high level of transparency by only allowing the right people entry into the right places.When your access control is appropriately integrated, it can reduce theft, fraud, and misuse of power. This is because you’ll always have video footage that ensures that the people coming in are matched with their verified credentials.


Without browser-based access control, you can monitor and respond to any security threat from any part of the world.Using the web-based access control will save you from facing the same constraints as at when using traditional systems.This is because only security professionals can remotely control the facility to allow entry or exit by just clicking a button. Whenever you choose, you can ask the administrators to change and allow access to employees, freelancers, and even customers. At the same time, you monitor their entry data from the security logs, which keeps track of everyone that enters and exits a facility.



With the arrival access control system, you can permit people to have access and exit the facility.This access control system provides your facility with the first line of defense by only allowing entry and exit of authorized personnel. With this security-based software, administrators can create entrance schedules,real-time monitor event and even grant access to those that one particular entry into the facility.We have made a name as one of the best Brivo access control dealers as only a handful of firms can provide complimentary services like VMS software packages that are a perfect fit for Brivo.



Kisi, access control system, will help you revolutionize the security of your site. It permits a smooth entry and exit of visitors and verified employees in and out of a restricted site. By just swiping a credit card, fob, or phone, your trusted individuals can simply walk into the facility, tend to the business, and make an exit when they are done.With Kisi installed in your facility, the admins set rules, review entry logs, and grant privileges through the remote cloud-based access.


Make your old security system ultramodern with the Openpath access control and take charge of who enters your restricted facility. Openpath access control is design to integrate smoothly with many devices, thereby allowing enterprises to use their new software with their old tech without paying huge sums to acquire a new appliance.This security system comes with an end to end data encryption, and triple unlock feature and remote access for viewing of the entry logs and surveillance footage.