Gate Access Control


Gate access control system Will prevent unauthorized intruders from accessing your dated commercial facility or community, thereby preventing vandalism that or violent crime all the time.  We install a wide range of gate access control systems. To help keep your facility safe. Doesn’t matter whether you first it is a school campus, HOA neighborhood, Apartment Complex, or a gated commercial area. itech2 security has all it takes to personalize a gate entry system for you that is specific to your needs.

Gate access control systems

The gate access control system from iTECH2 security enforces 24-hour safety Gear high-definition surveillance cameras come on video entry systems, automatic gate operators, and a lot of credentials and credential readers. Apart from keeping the intruders out, the gate control system will also regulate the entry of employees, staff, residents, and property operators. While making our installations, we pride in offering you a combination of user-friendly operation and a robust Security System. With our slide and swing gate access control system, you can have efficient business with the latest access control technology To securely allow people in and out with ease. Reply to Josh, not lock and critical method for the modern systems Which did not offer restrictions to authorize people. From our installers, you will get a wide range of card and readers come on which include the mobile app credentials, smart, and other biometric entry systems like the face reader, and fingerprint scanners, for your gated areas.

Residential Gate Access Systems

Every gated residential apartment and HOA neighborhood require top security for the safety of the residents and minimize The Liability And the property owners and managers. At iTECH2 security, we offer you residential Gate access control systems that are dedicated to keeping our community safe With the most updated technology and access control systems.Our community entry Gate access control systems will provide you and your resident’s peace of mind and smooth operations. We have the experience in designing a complete system for residential facilities Who’s guys have been access-controlled.

What residential Gate access systems can do for you?

  1. Provide the safety and peace of mind
  2. Enable ease of visitor management
  3. Reduce your financial liability
  4. Manage entry and exit from the gate
  5. Notify you when your packages have been dropped
  6. Close the gate for maximum security when it is not being used
  7. Provide control access to more than one Gate

Pedestrian access control gates

Pedestrian access control gate security system is the best for residential facilities that welcome more foot traffic at the gate our experts offer different types of security camera systems, credential cards and readers, and get intercoms to cover The whole of your pedestrian gate security. We also use video entry technology for admin to verify their visitors and talk to the people at the gates from their location. For instance, if there is an attempt to break-in by an intruder, the admin can immediately see the footage and respond accordingly

Driveway gate access control

For gated areas with high vehicle traffic, we provide install and integrate Driveway gate to access controls. When there is inadequate security at the gate, the gate driveway is very open to Chrome an intrusion. To avoid this, we integrate and install gated communities with access control systems of the different types of gates, and complete access to each gated area to provide them with the best combination of access control equipment.We offer front and Rear driveway gate access control system to ensure that no unauthorized vehicle enters or comes out of your property at any time. Without a license plate card reader cameras the owners of properties and their managers can give a white list and washing list of some vehicles That they know to be dangerous. This will help us integrate a system that will adequately protect your gated driveway.

Commercial gate access control

Our experts will provide and install World-class commercial Gate access control systems for your gated business premises. Using an electronic Gate, access control is a smart and convenient way to keep your Commercial property secured. By swiping a card, punching in a code, or merely waving the smartphone in front of the sensor come on, your employee is authorized personnel can access the premises.With intercom systems, your receptionist will see visitors at the gate through the security camera and decide whether or not to let them have access to the facility. For authorized visitors, the employee will just press a button On the interior panel or swipe on an app to allow them in.

RFID gate access control

Gate access control systems with radio frequency identification RFID Can benefit from the strong and easy to use Security System. We offer you RFID Gate access control systems Which can capture interpret digital data for hands-free entry. With RFID tags and radio waves, you can remotely identify incoming and outgoing visitors come on object and vehicles.

What RFID gate access control systems will do for you?

  1. Hands-free entry Where the visitor of the right person I won’t have to swipe any card or punch any code.
  2. Restrict entry for every unauthorized visitor
  3. Gate audit trail for Record of everyone that enters and exits your facility.

  1. Regulation of employee access.
  2. Proper management of visitors
  3. Better merchandise tracking with the RF ID tags

Wireless Gate Access Control

Without security accessgate access control system in both wired and wireless the right his. Our experts have experience with the installation of gate access control systems that shield the security needs of every commercial space. We are experts at installing expensive hardwired entry systems or designing minimal wiring systems for buildings to avoid Trenching And other procedures.

Wireless Gate Video Entry

Ourwired and wireless Gate intercom systems will beef up your security and allowed the business operator slash receptionist to see and speak to a guest that is requesting entry into your facility. The visitors would just press a button at the entrance panel, and the admin will hear a buzzer ring and then verify their guest through a video communication is not a voice-over messaging. Then, they can decide on whether or not to open the gate how installation and integration will offer you each cutting technology for Gate entry control system and allow you to have remote control over your gate access.

GSM gate access control

We offerquality GSM gates access control system for every commercial property that in need of a modern security system that’s uses a mobile phone. These access control systems with GSM uses hi-class technology and Allows accessible and Wireless communication to the security system.Without Mobile Security poodles connecting to your GSM salon at work, create a powerful and unified access control solution to your property.