Intercom and telephone entry system

Intercoms and telephone entry system

Our intercoms and telephone entry systems are available for residential apartments, office buildings, and other commercial facilities. Boost your business security by installing a commercial intercom of telephone entry system. It will also allow more control of visitors visiting the facility and simplify the facilities door access controls. Admins can see and speak to visitors at the entrance remotely. When a visitor presses the button on the intercom panel, the admin will hear a buzzer ring and answer the call. Communication between the admin and visitors will also be enabled by voice-over messaging and video communication. With this, the doors will only be opened for those verified by the admin.Regulate the areas that are accessible to visitors in your commercial building, hospitality facility, or storage unit with our door entry system that works round the clock to restrict the intrusion of unauthorized persons.

Commercial intercom service installers

We offer commercial intercom service installation for your facility to allow only theauthorized guest access your facility. Gain full control over your facility with a commercial system that enables a two-way verification and communication. Businesses with intercom have trustworthy security, better employee access, and easy and united communications across rooms and offices.The reception areas, concierge desks, and guard stations will look and function better with commercial intercoms. Commercial intercoms allow facilities quickly grant access to people at the doors, gates and other entry points with simple remote access control.

Telephone entry systems

Stay on top of your communication with the safe and secure telephone entry system. Which telephone entry system, you access control be simplified since calls to be directed from your visitor at the door to the admin with mobile or landline number. Admins can then answer the calls and talk to the visitor with the intercom to verify the identity.With the newest telephone entry systems will offer, you can use cloud-based smartphone apps, to enable speaking with your guest and unlocking doors from anywhere you are.


Anwill offer you a convenient and trustworthy entry system to heighten the security of your facility. Aiphone has highly appreciated an intercom technology, as it manufactures anniversary telephone entry systems, gate intercom, and video intercom.

  1. Telephone entry systems from Aiphone allows adminsto speak to visitors while they are standing at the door before choosing whether to open the door or not.
  2. Aiphone video door entry systems use a smartphone app with surveillance cameras to provide video chat with a guest. Admins can chat with the guest at the door even when they are not on site. Visitor access is simplified with the installation of an iPhone gate intercom. Protecting a gated facility with intercoms an access control allows you to decide which visitor you let into your property at any time.

Gate control and security for businesses

Have better control over your gate entry using automatic gate control access that is integrated with access control. With a gate automated control system, you can increase the convenience and security of any location since the system will manage the traffic through the gate.When a gate control system is used with an intercom, admin’s can remotely screen visitors before allowing them through the gate. With the use of the intercom technology, admins can see and speak to the visitor right at the gate, or have a secure device that will study the visitors’ credentials.


 Doorking telephone entry system is just what you need to take security to the next level. With a docking telephone entry system, you can have a wide range of long-lasting intercoms and access control products that you’ll be the centre point of all your business security process.
This intercom can be used together with a secure Doorking telephone entry system that allows contacts to admit with their phones whenever there is a buzz on the intercom.The gate control and access products provided by Doorking is top-rated and they are mostly used in gated commercial facilities and communities. Doorking provides a gate opener where visitors can flash their credentials to the reader or communicate the security operator with an intercom to request entry.

Butterfly MX

Get butterfly MX integratedinto your commercial facility for an overhaul security system.You can get a smart intercom system that works with a cloud-based mobile app to allow admins to have remote video calls with their guests.
This butterflymx is a built indoor security system that enables users to use the app to unlock doors despite their current location, and there is no room for tenant stations so that the residents can have specialized experience with the app. Butterflymx, when seamlessly integrated with access controls and intercoms can offer high-class protection to the commercial facilities, educational building’s residential facilities and more.

Video Intercom System

A video intercom is a commercial video intercom system that allows you transparency with your visitor’s entry.Security is more than an audio-only business with video intercom system. It offers more safety and certainty than the voice-over intercoms that only allows the admin to make their decisions based on voice over messages.Video intercom used surveillance cameras to grant the admin visual access via an app or monitor before allowing them entry. The time of entry and exit of the visitor is recorded and stamped at the footage of all the events. This keeps the business owner abreast with the visitor entry and exit in the facility.