Gate Intercom Installation

Gate intercom installation

Our professional Gate intercom installation is available for residential and commercial gated areas in every size. With a gated intercom system, you can streamline communication, improve safety, and allow the managers of property have total control over who enters and exits the gated area. For over ten years now, we have been into white-glove services, and this should make you trust us for your gate intercom installation.

Gate intercom system

The list of the benefits of all the gate intercom service is almost endless. We offer a secure Gate entry intercom system when integrated with access control allows residents, employees come on, and Property managers to control who enters or exits the gate.

Gate intercom system for you

We offer:

  1.  Gate intercom services with multi-tenant applications
  2. Gate intercom systems for commercial facilities
  3. Gate intercom systems suitable for use in commercial andresidential complexes
  4. Industrial Gate intercom systems for warehouses and manufacturing buildings
  5. Campus gate systems for schoolsParking intercom systems for garages and parking lots

Wireless Gate Access Intercom

Ourwireless and wired Gate access intercom systems allow admin to communicate remotely with guest requesting entry at the gate. Since wireless Gate camera intercom systems are susceptible to hacks, we install our wireless Gate with the most updated technology to provide you with security and convenience using IP network intercomsBefore visitors access any building with Gate intercom system, they will have to press a button on the wireless entry intercom panel at the gate to ring a buzzer.bibii the admin will then verify the guest and decide whether or not to unlock the gate. Contact us and find out how the intercom Gate opener can help your property.

Electric gate keypad intercom

Electric Gate keypad intercom system is an integration of the electrical part with intercom systems and allows the visitors and guest to either place or call, or enter a pin to request access.Using the system is highly convenient and safe. When our experts install this system comes on, they will continue with the maintenance for as long as a system last.

Cellular Gate access intercom system

Our experts offer installation of modern cellular Gate intercom systems which use cloud-based smartphone apps to allow residents and Property managers Take charge of who enters or leaves a building. Our gate intercom system uses VoIP technology to provide both convenience and security. With our smart Gate intercom systems, employees and residents can have a strictly out based entry. This app is designed to support many users and can fit perfectly for a multi-tenant property. It should be your one-stop choice for accessible maintenance services and delivery.

A video intercom with gate release

Our commercial Gate access control systems are the best for every gated business process. When electronic gates are integrated with access control, they become a very smart and easy way to secure your property. When using this right system, your commercial property can have a study Gate and an efficient employee entry and restriction. With other a punch A wave of a smartphone or a card, employees can have access to the building. The admin, on the other hand, just has to press a button or swipe on an app to allow access.

With a video Gate intercom system, you will

  1. See the delivery of your mail and packages through the Gate intercom camera
  2.  See your guest before opening the door
  3.  Have steady access to timestamp footage
  4. Authenticate and offer access to your guests even in a noisy environment where audio cannot function

Aiphone Gate Intercom

Our Gate intercom system installation cut across many manufacturers, even Aiphone Gate intercom systems. The Aiphone IXG KS like the best driveway gate intercom system you will find now, with a multi-tenant feature. It has a touchscreen panel Kuma HID card readers, and a cloud-based mobile app.
The following are the benefits of Aiphone Gate intercom:

  1. Accessible communication between the stations and buildings
  2. Is a property manager to share their credentials with the residents and employees with the app
  3. Eight video tenants can participate in a broadcast at once with the help of the IXG.
  4. Aiphone proved a touchless sensor that allows guests to make calls and request entry without touching the sensor.