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Michigan Cannabis Security

Our experts provide world-class cannabis security systems in Michigan. We also offer professional cannabis security consultation in Michigan. Our company has more than a decade of experience in designing and installing topnotch security systems.We are experts in creating cannabis compliant security systems for dispensaries, manufacturers, and grow facilities

Michigan Cannabis Security Services

Recreational sale of cannabis was legalized in Michigan on the 1st of November, 2018. Most cities in Michigan have opted out of selling recreational cannabis until the legislation is ironed out, but other cities have successfully opened dispensaries.You can find these dispensaries in Bay city, Lansing, Ann Arbor, and more. Our work in Michigan is to protect businesses that make up the emerging marijuana industry.We are familiar with the state codes and requirements for cannabis businesses and help business owners navigate these complex rules and regulations.Our experts will design and install topnotch security systems that meet all these requirements and even exceed them. You will meet 100% compliance, get your business licensed, and protected around the clock.

Michigan Cannabis Security Plans

We know how to design and create the right Michigan cannabis plan for your unique business to help you get licensed and protected. Our expert technicians have over 10+ years of experience and training.Our cutting-edge security systems will help you tackle the challenges of running a Michigan cannabis facility. Contact us to come and carefully access your premise and identify vulnerabilities.Then we design and install a complete security system with 100% legal compliance and provide full protection from seeds to sales; thus, improving profit. You will get licensed the first time using our security plan. With our security plan, you will have rest of mind knowing that you are fully protected while you focus wholly on your business.

Michigan Cannabis Security Systems

Our team of expert installers has over a decade of experience. With this knowledge, we will protect your business using topnotch security gadgets. Our company will design a strategic system to suit your unique needs.This security system will enforce legal compliance, streamline your business operations, and prevent inventory shrinkage. We provide topnotch installations and make sure that your security system fits your workplace perfectly.Our commitment to you remains after the installation. We will carry out regular maintenance on your cannabis security system for the rest of its lifetime.

Michigan Cannabis Security Compliance

We are familiar with, and experts in Michigan cannabis security compliance and will gladly help you meet and even exceed all these requirements.Our experts will help you navigate the complex Michigan marijuana laws to get your business licensed. Michigan state code requires that all your interior rooms, entrances and exits, and windows must be secured with commercial-grade nonresidential locks.We know how to go about this professionally. Just contact us today to take over this burden for you.

Michigan Cannabis Security Consulting

Are you having confusions about Michigan cannabis security? Contact us and our experts will be happy to make you understand everything you need to know about cannabis security in Michigan.We know how fast you can get licensed and will gladly help you do this. Our security systems ensure maximum safety while at work and boost profit.Our topnotch security systems are integrations of cloud-based security, video analytics, alarm systems, access control, and surveillance cameras.

Michigan Cannabis Security Cameras

We install security cameras for 24/7 monitoring and recording in Michigan cannabis facilities. This is what makes cannabis businesses legal. Michigan State’s code mandates that the security cameras record all activities within 20 feet of all entry and exits points.The cameras should also be high enough so that all details can be visible. We provide the best cannabis security cameras in Michigan using the best high-resolution technology in the market to give you the clearest pictures.Our remote monitoring systems are topnotch, and they are sync with smartphone apps to let you monitor your businesses irrespective of where you are.

Our Groundbreaking Security Gadgets

We have a wide range of marijuana security cameras. They include CCTV systems, RFID technology, thermal cameras, alarm system, and many more.Our cutting-edge security systems and 10+ years of experience will boost your production and confer 24/7 production.

Dispensary Security

This protects your business. This security system comprises of burglar alarms, security cameras, and access control to essential areas like the point-of-sale and dispensary vaults.All these will prevent inventory shrinkage of your business and crimes. Our experts know how to design dispensary security systems and floor plans to suit your specific needs and also comply with the laws.This security system also enhances customer relations and experience and harmonizes with the artistic part of your building.Contact us today to outfit your cannabis dispensary with our customized marijuana security using our expertise and in-depth knowledge.

Distributor Security

The law mandates that distributors follow a set of rules and regulations. We design and install a complete set of integrated systems including inventory control tracking, point-of-sale integration, and many more.You need this security system because distributors store and move cannabis around more than anyone in the production and supply chain.We make use of the latest technology to protect your distribution business. This includes RFID integration and video clips tethered to all product activity.It also includes hardened NVRs for transport security systems. This follows the products from seed to sale.

Grow Facility Security

We install topnotch security systems in grow rooms, and outdoor grow areas to protect your cultivation at every step. We know the challenges cannabis businesses face like the effect of some IR lights on the plant.We also know the link between camera locations and changing plant heights. We have the right to grow facility security systems, whether you have an indoor or outdoor cannabis farm.Our security system will keep your crops protected. Our company has the right security system for you. Just contact us today.

Cannabis Manufacturer Security

In Massachusetts, cannabis manufacturers have a lot on their plates. They must adhere to the strict rules and regulations of the state. They must also plan for the challenges of setting up their company and traverse the seriousness of factories and logistics centers.We collaborate with local businesses and make this easy for them. We design and install an elaborate security system to protect their products from seeds to sales.Our experts know the best practices for marijuana in Massachusetts, and we ensure that your business runs smoothly without a hitch. Contact us today for your manufacture security system.

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