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Credentials and Readers

Is it smart card readers or biometric fingerprint scanners? We’ve got you covered. We offer the best and latest credentials and readers for every access control system.Credentials and readers protect your business from external intrusion with an access control system.You need an excellent access control system to keep tabs on who enters or leaves the facility and the areas they reached. People are only gained access to a facility with their credentials. These credentials are a wide range of objects which includes crucial fobs, smart cards, or smartphones. To gain entry into a facility with access control, one has to either wave, flash, or scan their devices at thesecurity readers. The decision of either allowing or denying access to the guest is dependent on the reader’s ability to recognize your device. With the variety of credential options available, the business can access secure and creative solutions to restrict entry and keep their premises safe.

Door Access Control

The first line of security denies intruder access. This is one of the reasons the door access control system is a critical element of system security. Door access control system allows individuals with valid credentials access into a facility after the reader has verified these credentials.

Key Fob Readers

Critical fob readers offer a quick solution to monitor and restrict the movement of employees, customers, ad visitors into some regions of a secured property. Before access is granted, the individual has to present their items before the key fob reader for it to scan the credentials, remove the barriers and allow entry.

Mobile Apps

Mobile passes isa cost-effective solution for security hardware as it uses a series of smartphones for its access control system. When this mobile credential access control system is installed, authorized individuals only have to present to smartphones for entry. These mobile phones, however, must have QR codes or customized mobile apps.

Replacing Prox Cards with smart cards

Prox cards had their time in the market, and they dominated everywhere. But with the introduction of smart cards, they are slowly taking a bow and giving room for the smart card which provides more security. Door access control, when integrated with smart cards, will offer quicker entry and more credential requirement to beef the security more. Theses advanced cards have more internal data than prox cards. Hence they are more secure and less likely to replicate.

Biometric fingerprint scanners

Biometrics offer even better protection since it is much more difficult to replicate since it is not so easy to recreate the physical feature of humans as it is to steal a prox or smart card. Biometrics offer lots of storage data, but above all, it is the most common system and the easiest to set up.


Proximity card reader

Access control provided by proximity cards isconvenient and straightforward to use in firms with many employees at different locations.These large firms can quickly produce en mass thin card-like devices for their employees so that they can wave before the proximity card reader whenever they request access.When you use a top-notch card reader, it can detect the proximity of the card even when the holder is a foot away, thereby only granting the authorized people access into the facility.

Best Access control hardware

HID Global

HID uses a fantastic lineup of access control features to ensure the safety of a facility. Firms with a high mind on technology can use either the HID data-driven smart card reader, and classic HID vital fob reader, or the never-failing HID fingerprint reader. Firms can also quickly pimp up their security with the HID proximity cards and readers.


Suprema biometricreader offers edge-cutting technology for the protection of your firm. Are you just trying to keep the intruders away or is there any information you are genuinely safeguarding? Lay your hopes on the excellent working abilities of the credential driven suprema fingerprint reader. Every firm that has trusted this phenomenal biometric access control has experienced nothing less than super security that has never been experienced world round.

Speaking of access control systems, you might be interested in learning more about biometric authentication methods. Biometric authentication uses unique physical characteristics such as fingerprints or facial recognition to verify a person’s identity. Check out the Wikipedia article on Biometric Authentication for more information on this cutting-edge technology. Additionally, if you’re curious about the history of access control systems, you can read about it in the Access Control Wikipedia article. These resources can provide a deeper understanding of the credentials and readers mentioned in the post.