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If you’re looking for a business security system installer in Oakland, CA you’ve come to the right place. We design, build, integrate and install security systems for businesses in Oakland that need to protect their merchandise, data, and people. We specialize in commercial security camera installation, commercial access control installation and burglar alarm installation. If you’re a contractor or building out a new construction project we also provide structured cabling installation, network installation and other low voltage cabling services as licensed low voltage contractors. We leverage modern security system technology like CCTV video analytics and cloud based access control to prevent unauthorized entry into your building. Perimeter defender utilizes your video surveillance system and AI technology to create a virtual barrier around your business. Rules can be set so that when someone crosses this virtual “trip-wire” you receive a notification to your phone and an alert is sent to the local authorities. Cloud based access control allows you to access your visitor access system from a secure remote smartphone, tablet or laptop. Whether it’s protecting a warehouse, an apartment complex or an office building in Oakland we’ve got the right security system for your specific project.

Business Security Cameras

Commercial Security Camera systems must be installed by a professional security camera installation company who understands the needs of a complex business. We have over 14 years experience as a video surveillance installer. Rest assured that your security camera system will make your business iTECH2.

Access Control Installation

Access Control Systems incorporate door card readers and Door access systems that have to be secure and simple. Access Control companies must be proficient in modern software and old- school hardware to get the job done for todays business. We incorporate access control solutions that just make sense.

Commercial Alarm Systems

Whether you're looking for a small business security system or an enterprise burglar alarm system, your commercial alarm company has to know how to handle the job. We are a security alarm company that has a catalog that includes a wide range of security alarm systems for businesses of all sizes.

Structured Cabling Installation

As a low voltage contractor, network installation and network cabling services is something we take very seriously. Every business needs a network cabling contractor they can trust and as a structured cabling company, we have been providing that piece of mind for all of our customers.

Commercial Security Company in Oakland

As one of the busiest port cities on the West coast, Oakland, California is a local hub of warehouses and other retail storage facilities. With 99% of Northern California’s containerized goods moving through Oakland, iTECH2 works hard to protect employees and merchandise by utilizing modern security camera technology, access control systems and commercial grade burglar alarms. Our Oakland business security system experts understand how to design, install and integrate a comprehensive system that will protect your facility and merchandise stored in it.

Oakland has also attracted many high tech startups and green energy companies over the last few years. High tech startups need a business security system installer in Oakland that can help prevent any unauthorized entry into their office and avoid any data breaches. Green energy companies need a commercial security system installer in Oakland that can protect their facility perimeter or prevent employees from entering unauthorized or dangerous areas.

With a full suite of business security systems and network cabling systems, iTECH2 is the professional local security and structured cabling company protecting Oakland commercial properties. We’ve spent the last decade specializing and tailoring our systems to address the many problems that Cannabis facilities, Industrial facilities, Warehouses, apartment and multi-tenant buildings, General contractors, Office spaces and commercial buildings, retail establishments, and technology firms face in the security realm.

Business Security Camera Installation Oakland

iTECH2 business security cameras provide a crucial step in protecting any Oakland business facility from intrusion and theft. We work with you to design, install, and integrate commercial security cameras for any business size, from small operations to large enterprises. Our expert CCTV installers have over 14 years installing surveillance cameras in the Oakland area. We leverage the latest security camera technology to keep your business safe. With cloud-based mobile options, you can view security camera footage anywhere, anytime, from a secure mobile device. Our innovative video analytics in CCTV software delivers actionable business insights and advanced perimeter protection features, such as license plate reading, facial recognition, and more.

Access Control Installation Orange County

iTECH2 professionals have over a decade of experience in wired and wireless access control installation in the Orange County area. Our access control system installation and designing services are personally overseen by expert technicians to ensure your Orange County business is safe from unauthorized intruders around the clock. We design and install key card entry systems, multi-factor authentication, visitor management software, and more. Cutting-edge features, including biometric readers and fingerprint scanners, cloud-based automation, and 24/7 audit trails, make us a go-to among access control companies for modern commercial security in Orange County. iTECH2 protects any local business facility with personalized and integrated door access control.

Commercial Alarm Systems Pomona

Orange County business facilities, employees, merchandise, and data require the best in commercial alarm systems. We’re here to provide top-of-the-line security alarm systems for businesses in Orange County, personally working with local establishments to design alarms that target each facility’s vulnerabilities. Our alarms can be outfitted to any business in the Orange County area, and when combined with video surveillance and access control, form a comprehensive security strategy. Innovative technology provides instant mobile alerts and can automatically contact local authorities if intrusions occur. Thanks to our modern alarm systems, decade of local experience, and white glove service, iTECH2 is your go-to among Orange County commercial alarm companies.




4.8 Stars – Based on 65 User Reviews

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CRISTIAN R. 5/21/2018

Yo antes tenia mi servicio de seguridad con ADT, pero su servicio no me gusto, y no me antendian bien. Despues de andar buscando,... more

Client Photo
DORA P. 4/21/2018

Mark & Miguel the two technicians arrived on time, were very efficient and organized.. Mark explained the best position to set up my system... more

Client Photo
CASABLANCA I. 4/21/2018

We had shopped around for awhile before we decided to go with safe and sound, and we are glad we did. From sales person... more

Client Photo
DEBORAH S. 2/21/2019

Great customer service

Client Photo
KATHY M. 2/21/2019

Good service, with great customer service.

Client Photo
CLEMMIE C. 9/21/2018

Excellent Customer Service! Willie, the technician, was on time. Very polite and friendly. Also, very knowledgeable about security. He can... more

Client Photo
ANNETTE A. 9/21/2018

Last week we had a system installed. My technician was Conner Bell. He was on time extremely courteous, and worked fast

Client Photo
LAURA B. 9/21/2018

iTECH2 helped us with installing and setting up our FOB system and was patient with me and all my questions, thanks!

Client Photo
JEAN T. 9/21/2018

Willie came by yesterday to do a major upgrade to our system, and he was awesome. He answered all my questions and did a... more

Client Photo
JOHN F. 8/21/2018

Six months ago I purchased and had installed a fairly small security camera system and a commercial building that I own. Use of the... more

Client Photo
DANIEL W. 7/21/2018

The representative we talked to was knowledgeable about the service and provided a clear description of our options. The technology they use is clear... more

Client Photo
BRIAN S. 7/21/2018

iTECH2 installed a quality product to replace an old system I was using. The new system is very simple to use... more

Client Photo
LORI L. 3/21/2018

We bought a camera surveillance system from them. The manager for installs went out of his way to make us happy

Client Photo
BILL W. 3/21/2018

iTECH2 has done two systems for us. They have done everything they said they would do and have done it on time

Client Photo
GEORGES N. 3/21/2017

Scott did an awesome job recalibrating the system! He also showed up on time as promised and was courteous and professional!

Client Photo
JOHN N. 3/21/2017

I got a new alarm system installed by iTECH2 yesterday. I'm very happy with all the wonderful services and equipments

Client Photo
KYLE K. 3/21/2013

Working with iTECH2 has been a true pleasure. They are as very professional and have a great support staff

Business Security System Solutions in Oakland

Here’s a video of Zac, our senior engineer demonstrating an access control installation we did for a multi family apartment building on 200 2nd Street in Oakland.

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