License Plate Readers

License Plate Reader (LPR) cameras use high-resolution sensors to accurately scan the license plates of every vehicle that enters or exits your property. This makes it easy to search video footage and trace events back to specific vehicles. You can white-list and watch-list certain license plates, giving you complete control over which vehicles have access to your space.

Who Needs License Plate Readers?

LPR systems are often used by police stations to track known offenders, but they can increase security and business optimization for any business. LPRs are ideal for parking lot security, campuses, gated communities, apartments, tolling, and hotel overstay management.

Installing license plate readers streamlines visitor management for your business, and reduces legal liability by providing recorded proof of license plate numbers, and helps identify and catch offenders. iTECH2 camera installers provide license plate reader camera systems that are fully optimized to protect your business.

Gated Communities

Parking Lots




License Plate Reader Cameras

Specially designed license plate reader cameras are the best security cameras for reading license plates. Most cameras can’t consistently capture license plates in a range of weather and lighting conditions — let alone when vehicles are moving. Since LPRs are designed specifically to capture license plates, they have the tools to capture the correct number every time.

LPR camera systems combine high-resolution sensors and special optical character recognition (OCR) to clearly capture license plate numbers day and night. Their high shutter speed and headlight compensation allows them to capture sharp images and resist glare off license plates. Some well known LPRs include Flock license plate readers, Hikvision license plate readers, Perceptics license plate readers, and Genetec license plate readers.

Scan Public License Plates

LPR cameras do not violate privacy by capturing information associated with license plates, such as registration details, addresses, and names — this data is only available to law enforcement. Cameras can only record the public license plate numbers of vehicles that enter your property.

Learn more about license plate reader cameras here.

IP Security Cameras that Can Read License Plates

Can IP Cameras Read License Plates?

Some property managers may wonder if their existing IP cameras or parking lot cameras can read license plates. Most cameras that are not specifically designed for reading license plates are unable to reliably capture plate numbers. However, some powerful IP cameras deliver high resolutions that can get the job done, without requiring special hardware and software.

Pixels Per Foot (PPF)

Security cameras must have a certain number of pixels per foot (PFF) to accurately read license plates. A PFF of 40 or above is a good rule of thumb, though many installers recommend 50-60 PFF. iTECH2 offers the best security cameras to read license plates for your business, including advanced IP camera systems with high PPF, image quality, and night vision.

IP Camera Placement

All surveillance cameras must be placed strategically, at the proper height and angle, to clearly scan license plate numbers. Our expert installers know how to position surveillance camera systems with the right placement and horizontal field of view, to avoid glare and obstruction when recording license plates.

License Plate Reader Software

License plate reader software receives footage from security cameras and interprets license plate numbers based on those images. LPR software then compares the plate number to a stored database of license plates.

LPR users can white-list or watch-list certain vehicles, depending on whether they are safe or present a security threat, and receive immediate alerts if flagged vehicles enter the property. Since plate numbers are linked to actual time stamped footage of vehicles, users can often identify and track down offenders once their license plate number is captured.

Commercial grade LPRs usually come with their own proprietary OCR software. It is also possible to use regular HD or UHD IP cameras for license plate scanning, by using a purchased software or license plate reader open source programs.

What Can You Do with LPR Software?

  • Approve authorized vehicles for entry
  • Receive alerts if known offenders enter
  • Search time-stamped footage for plates
  • Automate toll payments
  • Automatically open gates for approved cars
  • Provide valuable traffic insights

License Plate Reader Camera Integration

License plate reader camera systems can be integrated with alarms, gate access control, and smartphone apps. This lets you keep out watch-listed vehicles and receive security alerts, even from offsite.

With access control and LPR software, gates can be programmed to automatically open for white-listed vehicles, and to deny access and send instant alerts if vehicles without credentials try to enter the property.

Our installers’ 10+ years of experience and dedication to customer success makes us a leader among license plate reader companies. Contact us to learn how we can boost your facility’s safety with secure LPRs.