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Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm technology will keep your family safe, no matter what happens

If you are in need of fire alarm installation or testing, iTech2 is here to provide the full service. We want to keep families and employees safe, whether it be for a Commercial Buildings, Health Facilities, Schools and Residential areas. Whether you need to add or update a new system, we can provide support and meet your needs.

Fire protection is serious. With a Fire Alarm System in place, your employees, customers, and families can be given ample time to exit any building or area. These systems also reduce properly loss, as the fire control process can start sooner. Monitored systems automatically notify emergency res ponders without delay. And with more time to respond and less damage, you can get back to your business or family.

That is why we offer reliable and trustworthy service to make sure that your Fire Detection Systems are working properly.

What is a Fire Alarm System?

A fire alarm is a security installation that alerts the building in case of a fire or smoke. A fire alarm system is made of the main control panel and all of the devices installed in a building, such as the smoke detectors, the manual pull, and more. In the case of a fire, the main control panel notifies the fire department where the alarm is coming from through an annunciator. The purpose of a Fire alarm system is to warn people to get out of the building during a fire. The devices in the fire alarm system activate the alarm, and the bell warns people to get to safety.

  • Crime prevention
  • Industrial processes
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Transport safety
  • Sporting events
  • Monitor Employees
  • Institutions
  • Criminal use
  • Home security


Details of Accessories


Fire Alarm Devices
Fire Detector


Fire Alarm


Packages and Pricing
Basic Level Protection
  • 1 – NVR Converter
  • 3 Nos – 5Mp Cameras
  • 1 – Monitor System
  • Softwares & Supports

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High Level Protection
  • 1 – NVR Converter
  • 8 Nos – 10Mp Cameras
  • 1 – Monitor System
  • Softwares & Supports

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