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iTECH2 offers world-class cannabis security systems and cannabis security consulting. We have over a decade of experience in planning, customizing and installing cannabis compliant security systems for dispensaries, grow facilities, and cannabis manufacturers.   

Cannabis Security

The regulatory landscape in the cannabis industry changes rapidly. Whether you’re a cannabis grow, cannabis manufacturer, cannabis dispensary, or a cannabis distributor, you need a security consultant you can trust.  At iTECH2, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the ever-changing rules and regulations that govern cannabis businesses.  Each state has different laws and can even differ from county to county.  If you’re own or operate a marijuana business, having someone on your team that can navigate the complexity of the regulations is imperative.  Operating in the grey market of California for over a decade has prepared us for the national scene like few other cannabis security companies.  With customers in over 13 states, we understand the national landscape better than most.  Give us a call today to see how we keep cannabis grows, distributors, dispensaries, manufacturers, and vertically integrated businesses “iTECH2”.  

Cannabis Security Plan

Stringent government regulations make dispensary security plans and necessary. Before issuing a license, state regulators and local governments want to see a high level of security planning for cannabis businesses. In a competitive RFP process to obtain a conditional use permit and business license, a comprehensive security plan might be the difference between obtaining a coveted license or not.

Cannabis Security System Installation

It’s rare to find a cannabis security company that understands the legal compliance necessary to operate a cannabis business as well as the technology and low voltage electrical contracting required to execute a cannabis security system installation.  We have a team of security system installers that have installed cannabis video surveillance systems in over 100 facilities.  Whether we’re being hired to be a “boots on the ground” contractor or being retained to manage a cannabis security system installation as a consultant, we have the experience to keep your cannabis business “iTECH2”.

Cannabis Security Compliance

What cannabis security compliance should mean to a cannabis security compliance expert is that not one gram of cannabis goes missing from seed to sale. It also means security measures must protect every person in the supply chain, from grower to transporter to retailer to buyer.  We take our role as a cannabis security compliance expert seriously and strive for full seed to sale compliance for every cannabis business we work with.  

Cannabis Security Consulting

We examine security vulnerabilities in around the perimeter, in parking lots, at ingress and egress areas, within the facility, and in product and video storage areas. We also identifiy how operators will correct these vulnerabilities with security camera systems, access control systems, and intrusion detection systems.  It’s our job to identify security threats and addresses them through policy, training, inventory control and other means.  

iTECH2 is the top-rated Security
Consultant for Cannabis Businesses.

When it comes to providing the best security system services for cannabis businesses, no one knows the landscape better than iTECH2. We’ve worked with venture backed vertically integrated businesses to local dispensaries and everything in between.

Mark Unterbach
Founder and CEO at Procan Labs

“We used Patrick and his crew for a new multi million dollar facility in Concord. Great service! These guys know what they are doing and understand the industry. The PD was very impressed by their plan and work. I highly recommend them.”

Thomas Ritchie
Vice President of Development at Manifest 7

“The team at iTECH2 made me feel like they had my back. I can call in anytime with any question – even in an emergency they’ll drop things. The support is second to none.”

Nate Hobbs
Compliance Manager in the Cannabis Industry

“Safe & Sound Security did a great job of setting up an advanced security system for a 25,000 sq ft cannabis manufacturing facility. Awesome company!”

Cannabis Real-Time Video Monitoring

Cannabis video surveillance is the most important component of a security system.  Capturing faces, license plates, and deterring against theft and diversion are the core goals of a successful marijuana security camera solution.  Our cannabis real-time video monitoring services allow operators to focus on making their business great while we focus on keeping the business safe and secure. 

Cannabis Security Guard Replacement

Good security guards in the cannabis industry are hard to find and even harder to retain.  A successful cannabis security strategy has to include a culture of hiring and training the best security people.  These security guards must be given the best technology available to “force multiply” the physical security team.  But artificial intelligence and off-site monitoring agents can sometimes be even more effective than a physical guard on site and much less expensive

Where is your Cannabis Facility Located?

We offer cannabis security plans, consulting, and security system installation in every legal state.  We have local teams with boots on the ground all over the country.  As a large and localized cannabis security company, we understand the importance of local industry experts that have been helping cannabis businesses stay secure and compliant in their state from day one.  Click on the state below to see the profile of your local security expert.  

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